Hey, you on the bike…

I’m Suzi and I like cycling. That’s not always been the case, but now I can say I love it. Not only for the freedom it gives me, but also for how it is changing my body and head.

I’m 35 and four years ago I had my first child, a bouncing baby girl; we had our baby boy at the start of 2014. They are amazing, I love them and couldn’t imagine life without them. It would be worthless. However (and there is always a but isn’t there??) being a mum left me tired; so tired I was in my pyjamas by 7pm every night. I was too knackered to exercise, too knackered to sleep, with only enough energy to eat.

Prior to kids I wouldn’t say I was a ‘gym bunny’ but I exercised, mostly walks or bike rides where you’d end up at a pub, rewarded with a glass of wine. At a push I would do a spin class, boot camp or swim, and I have done a couple of 10k charity runs too. The training was satisfying and I have always enjoyed that post exercise feeling, the buzz that now you can relax and enjoy the aching muscles and wedge of cake it inevitably brings.

When I was pregnant the more meaningful exercise gave way to walks and the occasional swim. However I was left post pregnancy with complete and utter knackeredness (if indeed that’s a thing). I was in a spiral of ‘tired, food, feel crap’ and the fog of night feeds did nothing to help me find my way through.

People always say that YOU need to find the answer to your own problems; that YOU ultimately hold the key to change. I did.

I think it was a combination of getting a bit more sleep, baby boy finding his rhythm and meeting a brilliant trainer that things started to change.

The gym was not the solution. I needed something I could do straight from home. I have always thought if I can’t be motivated to exercise at or from home, I have no chance packing a bag, driving to a gym, changing and the rest. Also, all that takes time, something I feel with two kids is in short supply. The other thing is, have you seen the people at the gym? Putting on lycra is bad enough.

So I did something I haven’t done in a while. I got on my bike, and I pedalled.


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