becoming a cyclist


October 2014

Night rides

There is major setback to my favourite season: autumn is a time of beautiful colours, crisp days and conkers, but also creeping darkness at both ends of the day. Depressing though it is, you'll need extra motivation to get through to the other side - around March... Continue Reading →


Just do it…

Five months ago I dusted off my bike. It was covered in spider’s webs and hidden beneath two old buggies and a washing basket in the garage. The last time I had done any 'proper' exercise was at least a... Continue Reading →

All the gear…

Do you ever get the feeling some sports are all about what you're wearing and not what you're actually doing? I feel that cycling tips into this category. Branded clothing, the 'best' bike, coolest GPS - the list goes on. And... Continue Reading →

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