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November 2014


Pressure: another ‘P’ word and one to put on the list to avoid. (I think there could be a theme here). Today I thought to myself, there are four weeks to Christmas and ‘oh no, I need to lose a... Continue Reading →


In pursuit of the P word

Perfection. I am giving up on it. Right now many of us are in pursuit of the perfect Christmas, but does it even exist? Well, before you spend the next 30 days running after it with handfuls of cash, let... Continue Reading →

Cold Teeth

My sympathies are with cyclists in the US at the moment where temperatures are the coldest they've been for quite a few years and heavy snowfall has arrived very early in the season. While it’s great for kids, it’s not... Continue Reading →


Every so often we head over to 'god's own country' (Yorkshire) for a weekend with my parents. The village is nestled on the side of a hill near Helmsley, North Yorkshire, and with only a handful of houses is the... Continue Reading →

Grannies on bikes

One cycled past me the other day and I realised how many I see out and about. 'Grannies on bikes' have mastered doing the opposite of what any 'modern cyclist' does: no helmet, no lights, little indication - often just... Continue Reading →

Let it rain

Yesterday the conversation after school with my four year old went along these lines: "Did you have a good day at school today?"  "Yes." "Did you do PE today?" "No, it was raining". Disappointing, in so many ways. Maybe the teachers think... Continue Reading →

You are what you eat…

Today is going well (it's only 3.37pm). I had protein rich and low carb scrambled eggs and smoked salmon for breakfast, cashew nuts for a snack and I am thinking about getting round to lunch (albeit late) of homemade mushroom soup.... Continue Reading →

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