Let it rain

Yesterday the conversation after school with my four year old went along these lines: “Did you have a good day at school today?”  “Yes.” “Did you do PE today?” “No, it was raining”.

Disappointing, in so many ways.

Maybe the teachers think for ‘health and safety’ reasons that taking 60 kids into a field in the rain is just too risky; maybe the school hall was being used so they couldn’t take them in there. But, really? They only do PE one day a week as it stands. If it rains they don’t play outside either.

Does Jessica Ennis, Paula Radcliffe or Laura Trott put their training on hold because they spot a grey cloud?

Are we doing damage to our kids by creating a link between weather and desire to exercise?

I can remember detesting cross country runs at primary school because it was always tipping it down, the field was covered in mud and my legs would go crimson from running in the cold.

If we restricted exercise to the days it didn’t rain we would have problems. Where we live in the north west of England, the Met Office says there are, on average, 140 days of rain per year.

Yes, rain is pretty off putting. Like most people I’d rather snuggle up on the sofa than get suited and booted in waterproofs. There is something really horrific about getting so soaked the rain runs off your nose as well as out of your coat sleeves.

The problem is, if we don’t exercise when it rains or it’s cold, for a big chunk of the year it ain’t going to happen.

Motivation is will have to come from somewhere. As I have written about in previous posts it’s the thing I find most difficult – to keep going.

Today my motivation will come from my first set of stats: last night I had my body fat measured and it has gone down 7%. Yes, I am officially 7% less lard. The next goal is getting that down another 5% and another stone off.

Don’t rain on my parade.

2 thoughts on “Let it rain

  1. This is really interesting, Suz. At the risk of sounding ‘back in my day’, we always did PE in the rain, played local sports club fixtures in the rain and have even spent time on the beach in the rain.

    When did it change? When did schools start trying to turn our kids into wimps?!

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