Grannies on bikes

One cycled past me the other day and I realised how many I see out and about.

‘Grannies on bikes’ have mastered doing the opposite of what any ‘modern cyclist’ does: no helmet, no lights, little indication – often just a smile – they carry their shopping in a huge basket up front.

When it rains they have billowing plastic rain capes, which are more like tents, and they wear skirts; they wear skirts!!!

Holy moly; how have they survived on the road for as long as they have? Many of these dears are well into their 70s, probably 80s.

They are a unique breed, mixing the exercise of cycling with pushing their ‘lady bikes’ on the pavement, as they pop into the shop to pick up a fresh loaf.

They are testament to the power of the bike.

Their cycling is not just for weekends, they don’t Strava their rides, and I doubt there are cycling shorts under that get up.

But everyday they use their legs and pedal, they look fit and happy for it. Respect.

Disclaimer- Don’t be a ‘Granny’-always wear a helmet!


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