Cold Teeth

My sympathies are with cyclists in the US at the moment where temperatures are the coldest they’ve been for quite a few years and heavy snowfall has arrived very early in the season. While it’s great for kids, it’s not so nice when you’re on two wheels.

I really feel the cold. Today I went on an hour’s ride, which is a luxury on a week day. It was overcast with a real bite in the air at eight degrees. It’s hardly US conditions, but I felt it. The wind was against me the whole way too, or so it seemed.

I had that experience when you have to keep your mouth shut because your teeth feel like they freeze each time you smile. Brrrrr.

My three quarter leggings are now completely unsuitable; my legs turned purple with the cold. Also, my jersey is too thin, and the air nipped at my throat.

If it wasn’t for my glasses tears would have streamed down my face for the entire route. Still, I know compared to some parts of the world right now eight degrees is practically tropical.

It was lovely to be out on two wheels after spending yesterday on trains and cooped up in a conference in London. Today there were no climbs, just Cheshire lanes, but it felt good.


I would like some advice please from you not-so-fair-weather cyclists: what are your essential items of winter kit? They don’t have to be flashy, but I’m guessing leg warmers of an 80’s style would not be appropriate!


Brrrrrr. I’m off for some hot soup to warm me up; my toes still need to defrost.


One thought on “Cold Teeth

  1. It’s the classic issue of be warm and get on the exercise bike in the gym, or freeze and do it properly! If you don’t want to go full lycra, I find the Nike dri fit range comfortable and warm for all sport.

    On a side note, Mike Franchetti, our head cycling contributor at has recently written a post on the five best cyclists of all time. We would love to hear your opinion on the topic here:

    Thanks, and happy writing!


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