Breakfast is the meal I struggle with the most and there a few reasons why:

1. When the family all eat breakfast I am too busy sorting them out to sit and eat.

2. I cannot always face food early in the morning – coffee yes, food no.

3. My favourite breakfast in the winter is porridge, but I am avoiding too many carbs, so I feel like that’s out.

4. I like eggs, scrambled or a lovely omelette, but I DO NOT want to eat them everyday. Cluck cluck.

5. The other breakfast things I like to eat I am trying to avoid – like a slice of hot buttered toast, a fat crossaint or a warm pain au chocolate. Yum

Can you see why I am struggling?

I’ve been told it’s a good idea to have high protein and low carb – following the same principles of the rest of my diet. Also, if I skip breakfast a day or two a week, it isn’t such a bad thing as these little fasts can aid our hormone levels too.

One thing I never do without now is coffee. I am a bit coffee mad, and I love Taylors of Harrogate. I am currently working my way through their ‘Rich Italian’ which I use in a coffee machine. I savour the moment after school drop off I can enjoy – for 5 minutes – my coffee before all else kicks in. The other thing I try to remember to take everyday is a multivitamin and fish oil, as recommended by Steve.

To help me out, I decided to keep a food diary this week. Here goes:

Monday : banana

Tuesday: coffee!


Wednesday: scrambled eggs and smoked salmon


Thursday: scrambled egg and smoked salmon

Friday: fruit and nut bar


Saturday: omelette, bacon and avocado


Sunday: scrambled egg and bacon and a slice of toast


So there you have it. My life on a plate – literally. There have been many eggs consumed and I think keeping hens in the garden would be a good idea!

The lack of green food so early in the morning could do with looking at – but I feel I make up for this with veg-based soup and fruit later in the day.

The best breakfast: the two-egg omelette with bacon and avocado. Yum.

3 thoughts on “Brekkie

  1. That avocado/bacon omelette sounds so good! I also get bored of eggs for breakfast so sometimes I just eat food without caring if it is “breakfast food”. A couple of days ago I ate a tuna fish sandwich at 6:00 am.

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