To be honest, the last few months have been tough. We’ve lost two close and much loved relatives.

The strain on my parents especially has been huge. As sadness fills their hearts we are all reminded of our own mortality and the preciousness of life.

We are here for a relatively short time; the impression we leave does not have to be colossal, or world famous; millions may not  mourn for us. But if we are loved and have loved, that is enough. To someone, we were their world and without us there is a void which will never be filled.

I tried to explain to our four-year-old why mummy was sad. I said I believed that when someone dies we go to heaven and become an angel.

She said: ‘Where is heaven, mummy?’

‘In the sky,’ I said.

‘Do you get there by climbing a tree?’ she said.

Not meant to be funny, but it was.

We try hard to be the best we can be, as parents, friends, partners, and people.

I have been distracted and I need to clear my head.

Make time for grief but other things as well. Going on my bike, making time for exercise, really helps.

So today the air is crisp, the leaves are falling and the sun is shining. I am heading off on my bike to see how beautiful life is.