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January 2015

Lunch | Soup

January is the perfect month to get the freezer stocked up with home made soups. Cold days with a bubbling cauldron of sweet-smelling broth on the go; it's the perfect way to get a load of veggies and fill up your tummy.... Continue Reading →



I am working on remembering to take my vitamins. First thing I try to do when I arrive bleary eyed in the kitchen is pour a glass of water (half boiled water half cold from the tap) then I down... Continue Reading →


Today's mini adventure on two wheels was a muddy one.   Strong winds made road cycling an unattractive option so we decided on the mountain bikes. We set off for the trails not too far from home, near a peat bog. There... Continue Reading →


The plan today was to go for a ride along the Cheshire lanes. It was fresh, just a few degrees, but it was so sunny and the blue sky went on forever.   It felt really good to be out,... Continue Reading →


January 3rd. My head has been telling me off: 'it's already the 3rd and you've not been on your bike!' As the daylight hours slipped away today, doing bits and bobs with the family, the prospect of getting out disappeared.... Continue Reading →

New Year

Welcome 2015, I'm glad you are here. I'm not a 'resolutions' kind of person; setting things in stone is too 'all or nothing' for me, but I like to plan things I would like to achieve during the year. I have... Continue Reading →

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