Lunch | Soup

January is the perfect month to get the freezer stocked up with home made soups. Cold days with a bubbling cauldron of sweet-smelling broth on the go; it's the perfect way to get a load of veggies and fill up your tummy. This soup tastes lovely and doesn't take too long to make. It is an adaptation …

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I am working on remembering to take my vitamins. First thing I try to do when I arrive bleary eyed in the kitchen is pour a glass of water (half boiled water half cold from the tap) then I down my vitamins and oil supplements. An Omega 3+6+9 and a multivitamin.   I have quite …

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Today's mini adventure on two wheels was a muddy one.   Strong winds made road cycling an unattractive option so we decided on the mountain bikes. We set off for the trails not too far from home, near a peat bog. There were fallen branches and twigs and, of course, huge puddles from recent rain.   I …

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