New Year

Welcome 2015, I’m glad you are here.

I’m not a ‘resolutions’ kind of person; setting things in stone is too ‘all or nothing’ for me, but I like to plan things I would like to achieve during the year.

I have drafted a few personal aims I want to share.

On the fitness front, I’ll aim to cycle twice a week. This was happening in the summer but has been harder to achieve in the winter months – I am preferring to hibernate.

I’ll use the weekends as best as I can, and if the weather is still off putting, the turbo trainer it is – anything to get my legs going.

I am trying to do weight training once a week. This will mean investing in some new gear, a kettle bell, for sure. Improvising with a pumpkin in a bucket can only take you so far!

On the food front, I want to get to my goal weight, another 28lbs to go. I am going to continue with the primal/paleo mix introduced by Steve. This is a ‘no brainer’ because I know it works; it gives me the energy to workout and has a dramatic effect on how I feel.

I want to add time for stretching and meditation into my day, even if it’s just 10 minutes at night to start off with.

Finally, I want to complete my first triathlon. This seriously scares me; I am well and truly out of my comfort zone. Even writing that down petrifies me. I don’t want to be the person stuck at the deep end of the pool not able to get out of the water!

So, if you have made resolutions or just have some aims for this year, I hope 2015 gives you the courage and strength to achieve them.




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