January 3rd.

My head has been telling me off: ‘it’s already the 3rd and you’ve not been on your bike!’

As the daylight hours slipped away today, doing bits and bobs with the family, the prospect of getting out disappeared.

With a hot chilli in the oven ready to be eaten enough was enough: the turbo trainer it was. I cycled for 30 minutes. It is the most boring thing on earth but it did the trick: I’d been in the saddle.

It gave me rosy cheeks and satisfaction I could tuck into dinner.

I feel better for doing it. Just sometimes I’d like to be a bit more enthusiastic.

Do I need to follow a plan on the turbo trainer or is it simply a case of pedal, pedal, pedal?

I’m off for a ‘real’ bike ride in the morning.


4 thoughts on “Turbo

  1. You look so focused on your trainer…great picture! When I get all my biking clothing on I look like a weird ninja, pretty sure I am constantly making odd faces as well, hopefully no one takes pictures of me 🙂

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      1. My excuse is that I don’t own a camera, but I suppose if I really wanted to I could borrow my parent’s camera or use my laptop to take a picture. I am not making any promises though!

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