The plan today was to go for a ride along the Cheshire lanes.

It was fresh, just a few degrees, but it was so sunny and the blue sky went on forever.



It felt really good to be out, especially after the boring turbo training last night. There were loads of cyclists too; in fact I think there were more cyclists than cars out on the roads.


The route took me through the lanes through Morley Green, Mobberley, then near to Manchester Airport, at which point I got a bit lost.


I decided to follow another cyclist, the idea being that the road he was heading would take me out where I wanted to go but avoiding a climb… how wrong was I. I got pretty lost, not helped by the fact there were blank signs:


It turned into a mini adventure. I had to cross a few fields and dirt tracks by the airport and then go through the Bollin Tunnel on the Runway 2 Trail. Thank goodness for a hybrid bike.


A lot of mud later I rejoined the cycle path and headed home. I’ve no idea how far I went as Strava stopped at 40 minutes because I was looking at Google maps. But I got home after 1 hour 30 minutes, energised and happy, ready for tea and homemade flapjacks.

So my trainers now look like this:


You’ll never guess what I put on? Bib tights, and I have got to say they are brilliant. They kept me warm through the whole ride.

One thought on “Detours

  1. Sounds like an adventure!

    There’s probably a great metaphor for life buried in here, about life taking you down different roads, some of them not always smooth, but with a bit of effort, consistency and determination you reach your destination in the end!


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