Today’s mini adventure on two wheels was a muddy one.

Yes the trusty Giant bike is back


Strong winds made road cycling an unattractive option so we decided on the mountain bikes. We set off for the trails not too far from home, near a peat bog. There were fallen branches and twigs and, of course, huge puddles from recent rain.

Muddy out there?


I grew up on a farm in Yorkshire and riding a bike around the forest was part and parcel of growing up, as was getting covered in mud, so I’m not shy of it. I’ve fond memories of being a kid on my bike setting off for an adventure. Why should that sense of adventure disappear along with the number of candles on your cake?

We rode some great singletrack, with roots, a few drops and a couple of narrow bridges to negotiate. There were also some deep dark pools, plunging into the unknown. (Am I sounding like a mountain biker yet?)


Tracks and trails


There were lots of brambles and my legs were scratched and I’ve come away with a few more shin bruises than before.

Mountain biking has it’s plus points: you don’t have to worry about weather like you do with road cycling. Ice, rain and wind are not a problem when you are on tracks with woodland for protection. Another bonus is the all-body workout you get. Certainly, the core and arms feel it more than an hour on a road bike. I am aching already. The other thing is you can blast out for 45 minutes and it’s a good bit of exercise compared to a longer ride on the road bike.


Anyway, for me, mountain biking is great for a change; really fresh and challenging. Also it is lots of fun, Strava doesn’t measure that does it?

Still smiling?





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