becoming a cyclist


February 2015

Yorkshire tracks and trails

Half term was a welcome break from the routine. A few days away in Yorkshire with the family, great weather, rest and some good exercise. There were lovely walks, plenty of down time and some time on the bikes We... Continue Reading →



I've been out of the (training) game for a little while but I made a brief return before the cold reared its head again. I really want to start feeling fitter and stronger ahead of the summer and my first... Continue Reading →

Misty days

I got on my bike today for the first time in over two¬†weeks. It feels good to be back in the game. My chest is still a bit wheezy from The Cold, but I desperately needed to get out. I... Continue Reading →

The Cold

I have given in. For the last 10 days I have fought The Cold. Finally I accept it. It's not like I haven't tried my best in this battle - I have thrown everything at it. Hot lemon drinks, Echinacea... Continue Reading →

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