I have given in. For the last 10 days I have fought The Cold. Finally I accept it. It’s not like I haven’t tried my best in this battle – I have thrown everything at it.


Hot lemon drinks, Echinacea drops, day nurse, night nurse, vitamins, even a bottle of ‘defence’ Innocent smoothie. But it’s not shifted. I’ve felt so defeated and it’s really got me down.

The last two weekends the weather has been great for cycling. A few bits of lingering snow but apart from that clear, blue skies and cool but manageable weather. I have watched bikes zoom past my windows, and people out for runs. It has got me down and the people who know me have had to bear the brunt of my misery.

Finally, last night I decided I have to accept this. I will get better and I will soon be back on my bike and training. I’ve signed up to do this in the summer with some friends. It will be something fun (if not a bit muddy!) to look forward to.

Sometimes the tough days just need to be accepted.