I’ve been out of the (training) game for a little while but I made a brief return before the cold reared its head again.

I really want to start feeling fitter and stronger ahead of the summer and my first sprint triathlon.

Just to be clear, I have never done anything like this before. 10k runs – yes, a couple, a few years ago – but swimming, cycling and running all together? No. I am scared, but apparently your goals should scare you – that’s a good sign!

Steve has drawn up a training plan, which I’ll be sharing with you over the next few months, as I work my way through it. As I looked at it for the first time I got excited. It will be hard work, but I am ready for this.

The programme is six weeks long, so for the next few weeks before it starts, I will go swimming during the week and speed up my bike ride, as well as doing some weight training. I may fit in a short run – when I say run, it will start off as a run/walk because I haven’t run for two years. It’s the discipline I will probably find the hardest.

I am also going to really work on eating a clean diet, reducing excess carbs – all for weight loss.

My training session last weekend looked like this:

photo 2
The gear

Warm-up – 100m jog

60 seconds double arm kettlebell swings x 3

100m sprint

60 seconds goblet squats x 3

100m sprint

Deadlifts 3 x 15

Thrusters 3 x 12

photo 1
Row, row, row.

SDHP 3 x 12

100m sprint

TRX inverted rows

TRX lateral jump squats

100m sprint

45 second plank x 3

100m sprint


And relax…