Yorkshire tracks and trails

Half term was a welcome break from the routine. A few days away in Yorkshire with the family, great weather, rest and some good exercise. There were lovely walks, plenty of down time and some time on the bikes


We tried the trails at Sutton Bank, hiring bikes this time, as lugging them from home was a bit of a hassle. After a bit of a hiccup with the hire where, we ended up with smaller frames than we should have, we were off. We took the Blue Fort trail. It starts off from the car park and initially winds through woodland next to the centre

…or bikers!

You then follow a road and kick off across fields.


last bit of snow against the stone walls

Crossing fields- bit muddy this bit.

That wasn’t my favourite bit, in all honesty; the bike got clogged with mud and I was skidding around.

But the sky was beautiful and the views over the Hambleton Hills were stunning. Turning back on ourselves further down the trail we cycled over the brow of a hill to be greeted by this magnificent view across the Vale of Mowbray.

IMG_20150221_145828484_HDR  IMG_20150221_150040734_HDR

After a pit stop we followed the narrow path along the Cleveland Way, skirting the cliff side and heading back towards the Sutton Bank centre.


The path took us through wooded areas again.

Just think the trees here are gorgeous.

We spent some time on the skills area back at Sutton Bank.

It was a fun hour and a bit and a good work out. If you get chance to mountain bike in that area it’s worth visiting; next time we’ll tackle the red route – 17 miles with lots of uphills!

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