becoming a runner…

I am becoming a cyclist but I have also started running to get triathlon-fit.

New trainers are on the wish list

I haven’t run in any great way since 2011 when I completed a Race for Life 10 km. That’s probably the furthest I’d ever do because, quite frankly, I get bored. Last weekend some friends completed a half marathon – a route which I cycled felt long even on a bike. Another down side to the distance is the amount of training you have to do, the hours you have to put in. But I am sure the sense of achievement is massive, as my best friend Patti who has completed a marathon, would agree.


I went out about three weeks ago, not expecting much. I ran/jogged/walked for about 20 mins. It felt OK but I ached in parts that haven’t ached for a long time – and tell me if this is strange but I felt like I had whiplash. I must have one heavy (yet delicate) head and neck! Not one to be put off, I went out again that week and managed 2.8km, mostly jogging the whole way round. Again, whiplash neck was back but not as bad.

Run three was 3.3km in 24 mins, which was much better and I felt good afterwards. Run four was 5km, a bit slower at 33 mins. I felt great after this one; I ran for most of it and felt stronger. No whiplash this time and the muscles were happy post run.

Yesterday morning was the latest run: 5.8km in 43 mins. The pace was slower but there were a few more inclines through the park.

Apart from yesterday morning most of my running has been after dark. I can’t bear the thought of bumping into someone whilst I am beetroot in the face, out of breath and in lycra. For that reason I wear a cap when running too. I know I won’t always be so self conscious.

I also think my cycling and weight training has helped get my fitness and strength up to a standard where I can go out and feel OK on two feet, not just two wheels; in just a few runs I am at what feels to be a good stage.

The plan was to be on the bike this weekend but it’s poured with rain. Fair weather cyclist?

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