becoming a cyclist


April 2015

Sunday spinning

Sunday became a sporty day. The sun was out and I headed out on my bike early. I had a 12-mile ride on my training plan and it HAD to get done. I chose my old favourite route, along the... Continue Reading →


Swim, bike, run, repeat…

It's been a good week, which started off with a run on Tuesday of 5.5km (three times round a park), in just shy of 36 mins. I procrastinated for about an hour about doing it. I'd painted the little boy's room during the day, so... Continue Reading →

Tri, Tri, Tri…

I've been a bit quiet on the blogging front, but I can't say life has been like that. My triathlon training programme has well and truly kicked in and for the last six weeks I have generally upped the amount of... Continue Reading →

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