Tri, Tri, Tri…

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front, but I can’t say life has been like that. My triathlon training programme has well and truly kicked in and for the last six weeks I have generally upped the amount of exercise I’ve been doing.


Previously, I’ve been managing roughly one bike ride and one weight training session a week. I’ve added a run to this and tried to be a bit more active during the week. The running has been going ok, and last week (my first week on my ‘official’ training plan), it featured a bit more that it was supposed to due to absence of my bike.

During the Easter Holidays we visited family in East Sussex and went to a wedding (complete with barn dance in the evening, surely that can count as training?…). The weather has been beautiful, bright, warm and sunny, giving a glimpse of summer, and extra motivation to get outside.

So week 1 on my training plan, thanks to Steve, was meant to look like this:

Monday – Rest day

Tuesday – 3.5km interval run

Wednesday – Bike 10 miles

Thursday – Rest day

Friday – Weights

Saturday – Bike 10 miles

Sunday – Swim 16 lengths

Because we were away (minus the bike) it actually looked like this:

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – Weights

Wednesday – 6km run in 48 mins (it was very hilly!)

Thursday – Rest

Friday- 3km run, short swim

Saturday – (Wedding, so no training)

Sunday – 3km run, short swim

The running happened on lanes and fields, which were stunning.



So not quite according to ‘the plan’, but this week things have gone a bit better.

Week 2

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 4km run

Wednesday – 30 length swim (16 lengths in just over 9 mins)

Friday – Weights session

Saturday – Was out in the garden enjoying the sun and tackling the weeds.


Sunday (today) – I’ve just returned from my bike ride. I did the triathlon route (23.8km) in 1:00:49. There is one climb within the first 7 km which descends, into a dip before kicking up the other side, I did the whole thing twice – as I want to feel comfortable with this ahead of race day. I am trying to take away mental barriers, but it’s a killer. Here’s the view at the top:



Yes – there I am looking happy I’ve reached the top – twice!

The route also goes past one of my favourite views across the fields – featuring the daffodils:


When I got home I ran around a nearby field just to experience a ‘bric’. Cue wobbly legs! I only ran 0.8km but it wasn’t fun. I will keep trying this when I can to get used to the feeling.

Tonight, we are going swimming, for the final session of the week. I’m looking forward to Monday rest day.

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