Swim, bike, run, repeat…

It’s been a good week, which started off with a run on Tuesday of 5.5km (three times round a park), in just shy of 36 mins. I procrastinated for about an hour about doing it. I’d painted the little boy’s room during the day, so felt pretty done in from that, but put on the trainers and went out before I ran out of daylight. I got home feeling so much better than I did; I love exercise for that reason.

Wednesday was different. I was meant to do a 12-mile bike ride, but due to my lovely Mum and Dad being around, Mr Shespoke and I escaped for 45 mins on the mountain bikes and my beloved Giant got an outing.


We headed to the Wilmslow peat bogs, which are so much fun. It was quite dry, with lots of tree roots, but the brambles weren’t overgrown yet.



IMG_20150422_190102338_HDRMr was a bit more adventurous, riding off fallen trees and through ditches. The rest of the ride was down bridleways; it was one of those nights which make you glad you live where you live.


It was a great work-out on the mountain bike; 40 mins in the saddle, but the next day my arms felt it too.

Thursday became a day off. Friday was an hour of this:

photo 2Which brings me to today. I was due one swim and one more bike ride this week. But found myself at Parkrun this morning. If you’ve not experienced a Parkrun this is what happens: every Saturday at 9am there is a free, timed 5km run. They are everywhere now too.

I’ve done it once before (four years ago) but it’s now at our local park so I thought I’d give it a go. I find things like this a bit intimidating because there are lots of ‘fit runners’. I walked over to the park, arriving 10 mins before the start. I headed towards the back of the pack.

The route is along paths with a short uphill, looping twice on itself then back to the starting point. I ran pretty continuously and did it in 33:44. For me, this kind of event I don’t mind every so often but I prefer doing my own thing. It was good to get it timed and get into the mix though.

Doing Parkrun has changed things a bit. I think I will do my bike ride tomorrow morning early doors and then a swim with the rest of the family on Sunday afternoon. That way I can do my 16 lengths too.

I’m well aware that after last week’s first ‘Bric’ I want to be practising them some more, and ‘luckily’ there’s one scheduled for next Saturday! Ten miles on the bike followed by a 5km run – something to look forward to then…

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