becoming a cyclist


May 2015

Time off…time to refocus

It's been two weeks since my last post. I've been lying low. Half term has been here, weather crummy, been swimming once and as for running and cycling - zero. Resting, yes, but I'm feeling twitchy. I need a new... Continue Reading →


I got a medal…

Woop woop, I have a medal! But first... this is how it all started today: I woke at 5:30am after a fretful night's sleep. My stomach was churning and I forced my porridge and coffee down, sipped water and got... Continue Reading →

Training over…

Last week was a struggle... you can tell by the fact it's now Saturday and I'm two weeks behind writing my blog... My schedule for week 5/6 looked like this:  Tues: 6.5km run Weds: Swim 16 lengths then bike 15 miles Thurs:... Continue Reading →

Brick’s and worms…

This weekend saw my first proper go at a 'brick' session. But I'll rewind to the start of the week first. Tuesday was the day of the run; on my plan it was 6km of intervals, and ended up as... Continue Reading →

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