Brick’s and worms…

This weekend saw my first proper go at a ‘brick’ session. But I’ll rewind to the start of the week first.

Tuesday was the day of the run; on my plan it was 6km of intervals, and ended up as 6.3km / 40 min around Alderley Edge. Felt good.

Wednesday was a rest day followed by strength / weight training on Thursday. Friday was a rest before the ‘biggie’ – my first ‘brick Saturday’. We revisited Sutton Bank trails and did our bike ride on the mountain bikes, a 15.6km loop around a beautiful part of North Yorkshire.

The adventure started off in the car park where we spotted this snake worm: a whopper!

Please note this is not my hairy leg in the picture!

We took the long blue trail this time.


It starts off winding through the forest..



…before kicking out onto a road and crossing fields.


When we were last here there was snow on the banks.


The long blue continues along the Cleveland Way before heading down the hill side,



past the sheep and down some narrow single track, which was bumpy at times.




Forest roads start to climb back up towards the cliff side before rejoining the short blue trail.

It was a full on arms and legs workout; my thighs stung on some of those uphills and yes, I had to get out of the saddle and push a few times!

Love a dry stone wall!

I got back to the car park, left my bike, ditched my helmet and ran. It felt so odd, slow and wobbly, and probably looked as strange as I imagined.

The plan was to run 5km along the cliff edge (2.5 out and back). I felt so slow. But at 3km my legs felt warmed up again I could run better. When I looked at my timings I was only a little slower than last week’s ParkRun 5km, at 34.30. I’m happy with that.

Sunday included a trip to the pool with the family. I swam 20 lengths and stuck to the programme.

So the plan for the coming week is a 6.5km run, a swim / bike brick and another brick next weekend of the full distance bike and run.

It’s the last full week of training this week before the big event two weeks on Sunday!

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