Training over…

Last week was a struggle… you can tell by the fact it’s now Saturday and I’m two weeks behind writing my blog…

My schedule for week 5/6 looked like this: 

Tues: 6.5km run

Weds: Swim 16 lengths then bike 15 miles

Thurs: Rest

Fri: Weights

Sat: Brick – 15 miles bike, 6.5 km run

Sun: Rest

In reality, Tuesday night came and went: ‘I’m tired, I am taking another night off’.

On Wednesday, I sat on the sofa and really felt I couldn’t be bothered. But I pulled on my trainers and ran 6.1km in 42 mins; felt stronger and much, much better for doing it – always the way, isn’t it?

Thursday: 20km on the bike, 54 mins – nice ride, spin, spin. There was a beautiful sunset on my way back:


View across the fields, getting darker.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Brick. Rode the triathlon route, and because there was no stopping for photos, I did it in the quickest so far – 52 mins for 21.8 km. Chuffed. I ditched the bike at home, put on my cap and ran, 6.7 km in 43 mins. I managed to bump into two of the mums from school while running, with a beetroot-coloured face; nice. I made it home, feeling proud and thinking ‘I can ACTUALLY do this’.  I rehydrated with ‘orange juice, water and pitch of salt drink’ and I felt good for the rest of the day.

Sunday: It was the ‘public swim’ at the pool: cue kids, floats and plenty of other obstacles to swim around whilst I did my 20 lengths. I did it in my new tri top and shorts, but forgot my sports bra, needless to say I will not be doing that again! The tri gear felt comfy, even if I did feel a little ‘overdressed’ for a Sunday family swim. The kids are getting used to coming along to these training sessions.

The final week has really tapered off, comprising a short run, swim and weights session on the schedule.

I did the tri route run on Tuesday. I hadn’t run this before and wanted to make sure I knew where to go. My knee has been a bit ‘twingy’, which is concerning me a bit. Had my training buddy cycling next to me:

‘Keep going Su…’

The rest of the week I have been keeping active but I’ve not managed to get to the pool for another swim. I’ve got to say it feels really strange not doing lots of exercise this week, and a bit disconcerting too. Will I be OK?

Tomorrow is the race day, my first triathlon. As I was reminded walking around the town earlier:


I am in wave 1, wave 1!!!!! It appears to be all female, and at 7 am. Ideally I would have started around 9; 7 means a very early start for the whole family, including 16 month old baby.

So tonight will be an early night, as much rest as possible before a 5.30am start, porridge, coffee and get on my way.

Wish me luck.

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