Time off…time to refocus

It’s been two weeks since my last post. I’ve been lying low. Half term has been here, weather crummy, been swimming once and as for running and cycling – zero.

Resting, yes, but I’m feeling twitchy.


I need a new motivation. I have this coming up in three weeks and really need to keep moving so I don’t do myself some damage.

The week after the tri I felt it was fine to take a rest, although in the evenings I felt lost not sticking to an exercise programme. Also, I have not been sleeping well; by that I mean at night feeling wide awake and not ready to sleep and in the mornings not wanting to get up – clinging to a few more minutes in bed.

A lack of exercise is not working for me. The other downside is I’ve been carb craving and there may have been a little bit of baking…


So a new motivation is needed and it could lie here:

Last August, I met up with my friend Claire. She’s beautiful, funny and kind and it’s always great to get together (normally over a takeaway and plenty of wine). As she lives in Dubai, a yearly catch up is all that happens at the moment and for the last few years either one of us has been a) pregnant, b) just had baby or c) trying to cope with two munchkins running riot.

We came up with a plan last year, as we both felt uncomfortable in our post-baby bodies. We have wardrobes which range from size ten to way beyond and put it this way: maternity clothes were not just for nine months for us! The plan was to be at our goal weights and feeling 100% better than we did next time we met.

We have made our excuses. Thing is, we both know we can do it. We’ve counted points, boot-camped, low carbed, and juiced to get to goal before. For her wedding in 2010, post baby number one, she was stunning, slim and fit! I gave birth two days later and looked like I was going to pop. Post first baby, I counted my points and threw out the bread and got back to nearly pre-wedding weight. But two kids later, last August, I think it’s fair to say we were both feeling quite inflated and deflated. Food has been a comfort for both of us.

‘It’s just so hard to do it’.

We’ve been pressed on time, it’s hard to self motivate and we have had own our little battles to fight along the way. I am now aware that summer looms. It’s June tomorrow. We haven’t arranged to meet up yet, but If we do it will probably be August, before she heads off to the sun again.

Physically, I’m 110 times stronger than I was a year ago; the triathlon proved that to me. By rights I should be eight stone by now, but I am not – nor do I want to be. But I still think 12kg off would be good, and to keep up the fitness (p.s I think I am going to enter this for September).


Claire’s a fantastic motivator and I think we’ve really helped each other in the past, but being far away it makes all that more difficult. I can feel some Skype chats coming.

I think as long as we feel better than we did a year ago that’ll be a great starting point. Pounds off and fitter is a bonus. Pressure off – motivation turned on.

Claire I think that reward is waiting for us…

2 thoughts on “Time off…time to refocus

  1. Claire

    You have achieved a great deal since last summer Suz! Me, not so much. Just a long hard uphill battle, bring on the Skype and let’s do this! xx


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