Radio silence…

It’s been over a month since I last blogged. I am back at work making radio programmes. Two days a week is not a lot, I know, but with two children I’m experiencing the squeeze on other things in my life.

Gone are play dates for the kids after school – the pile of laundry needs tackling, and there have been birthday parties to arrange as our little girl turned 5 last weekend. Oh, and little boy has decided to be picky about afternoon naps; adios blogging at lunchtime!

So what’s been going on? There have been some lovely bike rides in the evenings.

I’ve been doing my Alderley Edge loop and the one which takes me along the cycle path of the bypass.


This time of year the banks of the road are covered in daisies:

IMG_20150623_195255816ย IMG_20150623_195546028

Light nights until 10pm have been a blessing for getting out. And i’m trying to make the most of the long days.

Bike buried in a hedge- my fave view across the fields.
Summer skies


There have also been a couple of swims, and the odd run. I went out the other morning at 6 am (after being woken by little boy) and it was such a stunning morning.

River side path through the park
Stunning morning, only a couple of dog walkers to be seen!

I saw a beautiful heron on the misty river at the park and I was so grateful for getting up early.

The heron, can you spot it?

The summer holidays are coming; time is going to get busier. I am gripping onto life at the moment, it feels like it’s running through my fingers and I want to scream ‘slow down!’. Yes, I could probably do with a couple more hours added onto a day, then the to-do list would get done and I wouldn’t be trying to write a blog at 11pm at night.

To do this week – 1 bike ride, 1 run and 1 swim…. let’s see how that goes.

7 thoughts on “Radio silence…

    1. thanks! how are things with you? blogging for me at the moment has slipped, but I am going re motivate and find time to do it. You do fantastic doing it as often as you do!!


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