Splish splash…

Tuesday was the last day of the summer holidays for my little girl. It has been bliss. No rushing out the door in the mornings, no nagging mummy saying ‘get dressed, get your shoes on, brush your teeth…’ I have completely enjoyed my time with her, and a part of me feels quite sad she and I are returning to the great mechanism that is school. I lose her for part of the week.

However, I love this time of year, heading into autumn. Yes, it has its downsides; it gets dark earlier in the evenings, brings cooler weather and maybe a bit more rain, but it’s like a second start to the year. The slate’s wiped clean and we begin again.

I asked little girl what she wanted to do on her last day of the holidays. ‘A bus trip’, she said, so we caught the 88 to a local town. She got some new clothes for her Barbie dolls and we sat and drank coffee together before a wander around. We also managed to pop into H&M, which I love for exercise gear.

I bought some new 3/4 trousers, a new exercise top ( I have the same in grey and it has been amazing) and some socks – hi vis!

bit dark to take photos but you get the idea!

New month and new gear – I still need the trainers though; that might happen later this week 😉

On the training plan for Tuesday was a swim. I did 40 lengths (25m pool); 16 as fast as possible. I feel refreshed.

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