TFI Friday…

Friday is here. Yippee; the weekend is within touching distance.

Today was about weight training.

I trained with Mr Shespoke out in the garden. This is the equipment we used/ improvised with… But I’ve just realised we forgot to put the house brick in the photo too (that was used for kettle-bell swings).

Flowerpot- v heavy! resistance tube, 2 litre milk carton filled with water, mats,

This is what we did:

Resistance tube exercises as a warm-up



Squat thrusts

Lunge jumps

Deadlifts – using the plant pot


Kettle bell swings (we couldn’t for the life of us find our kettle-bell so we used a house brick / milk carton combo!)


Ended with stretching

All in all about 40 mins, and it was such a beautiful evening out there.

Tomorrow – a triathlon brick! 10 miles bike, 5 km run… wish me luck.

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