Sunday brick…

I was supposed to do my first brick of my training plan yesterday, but the day disappeared with Saturday madness (swimming lessons, kids party and curry with friends!) So I did it today instead.

On the plan was 10 miles on the bike followed by a 5km run.

I decided to do my Cheshire lanes loop.

I got the running stuff ready for when I got back and changed out of my cycling shorts. It’s not strictly the same as what happens on the actual day of the triathlon but I’m not running around in my cycling shorts during training! Also, music helps me with my run; on the playlist today was oldies from Katy Perry, Cee Lo Green, and some Black Eyed Peas.


The weather is beautiful today: sunny and quite warm so there were loads of cyclists out. Just as I’d left the house a huge cycling group whizzed past me. When that happens I feel really free like I am going against the pack of sheep!

My route took me through Morley Green, Mobberley, Great Warford, the A34 bypass and back up through the back lanes of Wilmslow.

I stopped to take some photos on the way:




I spotted some scarecrows around Great Warford; I think they have an annual festival and I liked this one:


I got home, finishing the ride in 48:54 for 19.3 km. I quickly changed out of the cycling shorts, put the cap on, headphones in and jogged. My legs felt like jelly again, and it took a while to warm up. I stopped at 2.5k and walked for 20 seconds, I restarted and did 5km in 36 mins.

I think I am struggling with the run. Out of the three triathlon sports it is my least favourite. I looked back at my last tri results and the 6.4km took me 41 mins, so my training runs are on the slow side right now. Maybe interval training for the runs might help? Advice welcome…

Anyway, I got home and drank lots of water with a pinch of salt, plus had an amazing lunch: avocado salad and Lamb kofta kebab – delicious – and a slice of chocolate orange cake!



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