A few weeks ago a friend said she was a couple of people down at her netball club that night and wondered if I fancied coming along.

Short of excuses, I went. I cycled there, and the warm up on court nearly killed me.

I played Wing Attack, partnered by my friend in Wing Defence. She’s at least 5ft 10, so I was doing that wavy hand thing on my tippy toes whilst defending her.

I was beetroot faced within 10 minutes and we played for an hour. It was shattering. But it was SUCH good fun. The team play because they enjoy it, not because they are mega competitive. No one is keeping count of the goals!

We said our goodbyes and I pedalled home. But the next day was a killer. Every muscle hurt. Especially around my waist and arms. Non stop running, interval sprints, darting here and there, stretching for the ball. The aches lasted a good few days.

My friend hasn’t been around and we were away for a week, so Wednesday night was the return.

I played Wing Defence, then Goal Attack (scored a couple of goals – phew!), then Goal Keeper (a bit more standing around).

I was just as hot and bothered afterwards, but cycled home in the darkness, remembering to stretch.

I was down for a 6.5km run today but I think netball was a fair substitute. The run can wait until tomorrow.

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