End of the week…

The end of the week saw a post work trip to the swimming pool on Thursday. It was so refreshing: 16 lengths quick, then made it up to 40 lengths. Felt good. And not feeling too done in from netball, I think the swim helped my recovery.

Friday, I took off; because of logistics it was hard to fit in a session.

But Saturday, oh Saturday. I was down to do a brick on my training programme.

We went to Yorkshire and our bike ride took us on a loop through the villages of Oldstead, Kilburn, Coxwold, Byland.


Still smiling … White Horse bank in the distance



Byland Abbey

143m elevation. 40 mins, 14km. Got the legs moving, although the first 10 mins I was cursing.

After that I headed for a run through nearby forestry land. Fire tracks with some hills in there.

Long legs…




And some purple flowering heather…


So all in 75m elevation, 6.3km  44mins.

Chicken, avocado, rice and salad, wobbly legs. Watched The Wedding Crashers and went to bed, shattered.

Sunday – timed swim then time in the pool with the kids.

One week to go until this:

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