This week’s antics…

This week’s been mixed.

Weight training on Monday left me aching.

Tuesday and Wednesday ended up exercise free. I’d picked up a tummy bug which left me feeling zapped.

On Thursday, I did my final ‘brick’: a 13km bike ride but the full 6.4km run. The bike felt fine, but my thighs were fatigued after Monday’s antics.

Brooding sky on Thursday night for my final brick- this was the bike ride route.

The run, however, produced other issues. I had pain after about 3km in my left foot, from the area between the sole and toes underneath. It made running pretty sore; I kept going but not in a happy state.

I got home feeling low. How could I run on Sunday? I spoke to Steve who said it could be the new trainers more than a physical issue. He advised going out again in my old trainers as soon as possible to see whether that was causing the pain. I needed enough time to rest before Sunday.

First thing Friday morning I ran loops around the football pitch near home. I was half awake and tired but I did’t get the pain after 2.5km. I left it at that and have decided to use the old trainers this weekend. On the advice of a GP friend I am also going to take painkillers as well.

I am not sure if the pain will come back but I don’t want to take the chance. I want to complete this.

I felt nervous this afternoon and spoke to my best pal Patti; she said instead of saying ‘you’re nervous’ say ‘you’re excited’; change how you perceive the task. (She speaks sense does Patti!)

So, here we are: it’s Saturday evening, I have eaten chicken, sweet potato and spinach, and i’m stretched and in bed for 9.30pm.

Sunday: 400m swim, 24.5km bike and 6.3km run. I’m excited 😉


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