South Manchester Triathlon…

I did it!

The South Manchester triathlon was my second this year.

I woke at 7am, ate porridge with apple and raisins and packed all my gear in the car, along with two kids and Mr Shespoke!

Here’s my list:



Officially, it was a 9.20am start, and I was in wave 5.

The swim went well. I was second off in my lane and it was quick. I did front crawl the whole way and finished 16 lengths in 10:55.

Transition 1 was 3:20; slow but I put on my 3/4 trousers, a long-sleeve top, gloves and trainers etc; I do this in comfort! One of the other competitors was telling me how she lost her toenail at an open water triathlon a couple of months back as she didn’t wear socks; her feet bled and she had blisters.

I felt like I was going slow on the bike, but I did the 25km course in 1:03:41. I kept the mantra in my head – ‘this girl can’ (If you’ve not heard of the adverts watch this). It was busier out on the roads than last time, as I was in a later swim group. Transition 2 was quicker than last time, too.

Run, run, run. My theory was to put one foot in front of the other and repeat, not thinking too much about my sore foot. It was OK; maybe the ibuprofen kept the pain at bay. I had some soreness but it didn’t stop me. Run done in 43:07.

I finished the event in 2:01:54. Hooray!

Back at home, checking out the ‘tats

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