A month off…

photo by the very talented Mr Shespoke

My friends, I have been hibernating. I have hidden from exercise for a month. When I say hidden, I mean I have been out of action.

But tonight, I am back. I have weight trained. I know tomorrow I will ache, but I will feel more positive.

Dark nights and coldness are creeping. The radiators are on; Christmas is coming. But first is my favourite season: Autumn we still can enjoy.

I read something today on a board outside a florist’s shop. It said: ‘Autumn reminds us how change can be beautiful.’

It’s true, we often fight change, fearing the unknown. But nothing stays the same. My month off has brought about a change in my strength. I am not feeling very fit; a bit ‘soft’ around the edges (a kind way of putting it) and my attitude has changed towards training. But that will change again.

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