Reflections on 2015

It’s the end of January and time to reflect on last year (because I’ve only just found the time)!

In 2015, I needed 26 hours in day, the year rushed by and now we are well into 2016.

The year can be summed up as the ‘year of the bike’ – a love which grew and grew.

bike 1

I wanted a challenge and so I entered my first triathlon in May. I was petrified and worried about failing; worried about looking like a fool.

But I trained hard and I did it. I swam, pedalled and ran. I completed it. I felt so energised and fit.



And, when I crossed the finish line, over the moon, I wanted to do it again. So I did, a bit less training this time because of other commitments, but in September I completed my second tri. I was mentally much more prepared about what was to come.


Aside from triathlons, there were plenty of bike rides.

Yorkshire was a favourite for mountain biking.

DSC_0138And on the road bike, local roads gave me miles (and miles).


But our trip to Wales again provided a spectacular run around Llyne Brianne reservoir.

I felt so alive.








Training was about the weights with Steve and sometimes without him!

DSC_0413          DSC_0412

There was also just a bit of cake…!


It was a fun year.

Now I’m thinking about my goals and challenges for 2016, and I have a few ideas…


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