Learning to spin…

In the ’90s I tried spin classes for the first time.  Back then it was popular… think Bridget Jones , jelly legs and plenty of sweat. Since then I’ve tried the odd class here or there but nothing’s really grabbed me by the cycling shorts and kept me going back for more. The leisure centre’s classes were of particular note: 10 bikes crammed into a squash court, ghetto blaster ringing around the fluorescent-lit, echoey room. Same people there every week, and random times of day for classes. Dismal.

Two months ago all that changed.

I finally tried out this place . For a while I’d known about it’s existence but it sounded a bit too ‘MAMIL-Y’ (not sure that’s a word). I’d seen the posters about Sufferfest and Watt Bikes and presumed it wasn’t for me. Then one morning, out of intrigue, I went to a spin class.


It’s all processed online, where you book and pay for classes before you go. All you do is turn up, put a tick next to your name on the screen in reception and head into the main spin room.


I left 30 minutes later feeling like I’d been clubbing – at 9.30am.

The music was loud, the lights were low, and the fans were on full blast. By the end my  workout gear was soaked, and I felt like I’d worked harder in 30 mins than I had for a long time.

I’d read about trendy US SoulCycle  in magazines and it sounded amazing, very forward looking, very American and Prospin has some of the US ideas: distract you so much with the tunes, and hide your sweat dripping face with the dark lights that you don’t realise you’ve just put in a mammoth exercise session.

Love this

I’ve been going twice, sometimes three times a week since, and my neighbour is a fellow addict now too.

As for my cycling,  I’ve not been out on my bike as much as normal. Spinning is taking over exercise a bit… but I have seen a difference in my fitness levels when I have gone out on the bike, and there’s a shift on the scales too. Plus I might not be actually going anywhere but I’m still spinning – that still counts doesn’t it?

Love this




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