becoming a cyclist


August 2016

Bike Park Wales…

We took a trip to Bike Park Wales last week. It's in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales. As a mountain bike fan, Mr Shespoke's wanted to go there for ages. It was an hour's drive away and the kids were with us,... Continue Reading →


Spin tracks…

Holiday has meant time away from spinning. Bike rides down quiet, car-free, country roads in Wales seem a million miles away from the darkened room, disco lights and pumping music of Prospin. But as I cycle along these peaceful lanes I've been coming... Continue Reading →

Family biking…

Summer holidays are here. A trip to Wales calls. There's been some biking on my own but today was a family ride around the Usk reservoir . Little boy was in the baby carrier with Mr SheSpoke and little girl was... Continue Reading →

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