Family biking…

Summer holidays are here. A trip to Wales calls. There’s been some biking on my own but today was a family ride around the Usk reservoir .

Little boy was in the baby carrier with Mr SheSpoke and little girl was with me. I drew the short straw. It feels cruel to write that but she’s 6, she has not taken to cycling at all and so we are resorting to a borrowed tag-a-long.

It’s bloody hard work to be honest. I am dragging her around. I’m cursing under my breath. It’s like having an extra 2-3 stone in weight. I can’t go fast down hills for fear of her flying off, and we have to jump off the big hills to push the bikes up. I keep asking ‘are you pedalling?’ Probably wishful thinking. Then there’s the moaning: ‘mud in my eye’, ‘the boys are going faster’, ‘I’m HUNNNNGGGRRYY’.

Then amongst all this we reach a high point at the reservoir, we spot some men in a boat fishing, and a swan on the water and she says ‘this is fun’.


We create call signs for each other to check we are OK. I’m ‘Mango’ (think that’s M for Mummy!) and she’s Romeo. We decide that the person who is covered in the most mud by the time we get back will win a prize (without rear mudguards on my bike it’s quite obvious who’s going to win this). Her face is covered in dirt, her jacket soaked, but she’s happy.

Cycling on your own is great, peaceful, with time for your head to calm. But cycling together is fun. The giggles make it worth while. We get changed, head home and call at a shop on the way back; she chooses a Disney magazine for her prize.  Hot baths, hot chocolate and pyjamas on ready for bed at 6pm.



5 thoughts on “Family biking…

  1. And there it is! Okay, so she can pedal. The tag along would be heavier than a tandem but probably not by much. Six is pretty young to hope for help though. I get a little from my daughter but there’s a lot of dad in there. Typically we’re 2-3 mph slower than my wife and I on the same bike. With the little ones, it’s just slow going. I know your pain.


  2. Although you did all the work, my guess is that your daughter slept well that night!

    I met a family that was touring with their two children, dad and daughter on a tandem, mom and son on a tag along. They said they often encouraged the kids to run alongside their bike while going up hills, otherwise they might not make it!

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