A few weeks ago my spin buddy Emma turned up at class with a pair of cycling shoes with cleats and all. She had a bit of trouble getting clipped in and struggled badly getting them out – in fact she had to take her foot out of the shoe and then try and get them off the pedal!

She wasn’t a great advert for them, but since then she’s got into the swing of things. She says she’s getting her foot into a better position for spinning: more flat footed rather than pointing her toe – something I’m guilty of too.

So I thought I’d take the plunge. Up to now I’ve resisted using cleat shoes on the road, frankly for fear of falling off my bike spectacularly (if you don’t know what I mean or just want a giggle/ cringe check this out). But when we visited Evans cycles recently I tried on these beauties:



They are comfortable and I think look a bit more casual than full on road shoes.

Mr SheSpoke (also know as HeSpoke) fitted on the cleats and I was ready to go.


So this morning I wore them to spin  and I loved them! They clipped in easily and actually I got them out fine. Did they make me spin faster? Possibly; pedalling felt easier, my foot was in a better position on the pedals, my right calf was straining a bit more than usual, so maybe that cleat needs adjusting and repositioning slightly?

Anyway, I think practicing on a stationary bike is going to be great before I take the plunge and use them out on the road. Hopefully, then I won’t keel over when I come to a stop!