Cycling in the sun…

At the end of October we went to Mallorca on holiday: nine days of sunshine, no shivers, no dark nights and the temperature hardly dropped to single figures. Bliss. The sunshine was nectar for my skin, and as I’m a factor 50 girl there’s not much of a tan to show for it, but I have gained a few new freckles and definitely a glow.

Going away with the grandparents (‘hi Mum’) did give Hespoke and me time to cycle, together – what a novelty. It also meant that I was pushed beyond my limits to cycle further than I usually do.

We were staying in Port Andratx, a truly beautiful part of the island, about 30-40 mins by car from Palma. We hired bikes a few days into the holiday from Ride Mallorca based in Peguera.


Skinnier wheels than I normally ride on, but a great bike.


My bike was 60 euros for five days, and that included delivery and pick up from the port – far easier than trying to fit bikes in our hire car. The only thing missed off was the bike pump, but a quick trip to the nearest bike shop sorted that.

On the first day we went out we went on what Hespoke calls a ‘pootle’, in a warm 25 degrees with lots of hills; I call it a ‘workout’ but there you go. We cycled through the port and around the local area, mostly near residential villas. There were some spectacular views of the port and out to the sea. There was lots of climbing too; I do think my spinning sessions at Prospin have really helped with this, as I did lots of seated climbs – a year ago I would have been off the bike and pushing.

An hour later we made our way to the port to the Consigna café and enjoyed the café con leche reward. Bliss is a post bike ride coffee sat in the sun.


As I sit on the train and type this looking out across muddy fields, a grey sky with drizzling rain, I long to return.

The next day we went from Port Andratx to S’Arraco and through to Andratx town – not too far but again some climbs to wake up the legs.



View from the church at the top of the hill in Andratx

The next day we went from Port Andratx, to EL Capdella , to Peguera to Camp de Mar back home.


I don’t think I have words to describe this ride but I’ll try my best. This was one, if not the, most brilliant bike ride I’ve ever done. For a few reasons:

1. The weather was perfect for riding; warm but not too hot, bright but not too dazzling.

2. Other users – on Mallorca the other road users give you a wide berth. There’s no hassling or beeping or narrow misses; we probably passed a dozen other cyclists as we went – the majority were friendly towards us.

3. The scenery, was absolutely STUNNING. Winding roads, hair-pin bends, and the views from mountains were breathtaking.




4. Not cycling on my own and stretching what I could do felt good, Thanks Hespoke


And 5. Perfect ending- back in the port, legs fatigued but happy and the best café con leche of the holidays.

We cycled 25 miles that day…

Only things to remember when it’s warm is to drink enough water – I don’t think I did and felt pretty dehydrated because of it. Plus factor 50 of course!

I would definitely cycle in Mallorca again, what a beautiful place and a fantastic way to see some of the island. They are geared up to cyclists too. Only question I’d have is whether it’s better to take our own bikes with us or rent there?












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