becoming a cyclist


January 2017

Out with the old…

New Year, new kit... well a few items anyway. All purchases were from H and M . I've previously found their sports wear really hard wearing and comfortable and what they have always looks so cool. I really could do with... Continue Reading →


Keep reading…

My habit is to start a book and read for 15 mins in bed before I fall asleep. The downside being I never get any further than chapter one which I keep re reading because I can't remember what happened. I'd like this habit to change.


It's a booze-free January for me. The Christmas overload of red wine, prosecco and the odd sherry has left me toxic. It also makes the first week without alcohol fairly easy and straight forward. I don't want it. It's like... Continue Reading →

New Year promises…

So hello 2017, goodbye 2016. I've been thinking of my resolutions for 2017 - or as I'd rather call them 'Promises'. There's something about the word 'Resolution' that is so 'Resolute' to me. A quick dictionary search comes up with,... Continue Reading →

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