It’s a booze-free January for me. The Christmas overload of red wine, prosecco and the odd sherry has left me toxic. It also makes the first week without alcohol fairly easy and straight forward. I don’t want it. It’s like too many mince pies, when you have your first one back in November you think ‘Ooh that’s nice, we should eat these more often’; January hits and I’m quite glad I don’t have to clap eyes on said pie for at least 11 months. Do they even sell them in August? I have two boxes about to be off-loaded at work next week! I digress…


My drinking habits have changed, dramatically. In my twenties I could easily drink – gin with diet coke (eugh!) or lots of white wine were the drinks of choice. Hangovers were painful but I could still do a day’s work. Drinking in my thirties is quite a different matter. I had my daughter at 32, and with that my tolerance disappeared overnight. No longer could I indulge in a lazy lie-in and bury my head in a pillow. Not to say I haven’t tried.

Now my habits are a lot more tame. Most weeks over a Friday or Saturday night we’ll share 1 bottle of red wine, making it 2/3 glasses a week or 5 units, more if we are out or have friends over for food.

Keeping off alcohol for a month gives you a bit of focus. It’s that age old thing if you tell someone they can’t do something they want it more. So it will take a bit of will power. Especially when you know you have a meet up with your best friend mid Jan… I’ve already been through the calendar and noticed where the difficult moments may be.

I read this article the other day about the benefits of a ‘dry January’; yes they were all fairly heavy drinkers, but it gives you an idea of the impact abstaining can have.

I’m also hoping the alcohol free Friday nights will make it easier to bound out of bed on a Saturday and get to bootspin for 8.45am, a struggle at the best of times.

I’m nine days in… wish me luck.



3 thoughts on “Booze…

      1. Let’s just say I had a lot of people pulling for me to sober up. The whole State actually. It said right on the paperwork, “The People of the State of Michigan Vs….”

        Chuckle. 😎


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