31 days…

There are 31 days in January; 31 alcohol-free days. Not that I’m thinking about it much 😉

I’ve done Dry Jan before, but not for a few years. So here are my thoughts as it draws to its merry close.

I think the month can be split into four parts.

Part 1: Jan 1st – 11th. First few days of Jan. Post Christmas bloat after a drink most nights over the festive work-free two weeks. This led to a relief that I didn’t have to buy or look at another glass of wine for a month. Phew. Even the first weekend booze-free was a happy one. Pass the halo.

Part 2: Jan 11th – 14th. Wine is starting to look attractive again. The bottle of red in the cupboard is starting to whisper my name. This becomes more of a scream for me to open it after a fun filled playdate for my daughter which meant three six year old girls and one three year old running round the house for four hours. ‘Drink me’ it shouts from the cupboard. I resist. But that Saturday night we have friends over. A drink would be perfect with the curry and chatter and laughs. Elderflower and Rose fizz it is then.

Part 3: Jan 15th- 25th. General smugness. Whilst Mr Shespoke  is feeling tired after the night before’s curry and beer I leap out of bed and head to spin at 9am on the Sunday with a smugness only a non-drinker the morning after the night before can have. The smugness that I can function, do not have a hangover and am no longer reliant on alcohol to have a good time continues until last Wednesday.

Part 4: Jan 25th – 31st. You are always on my mind. Meeting up with my best friend in London normally involves at least one glass  bottle of vino. So last Wednesday, catching up whilst nursing my very gingery ‘Virgin Mule’ felt a little underwhelming. I bumped into another mate who’s also done Dry Jan this morning, she had a drink on Sunday night, couldn’t take it any longer. It ‘went straight to her head’ she warned. Coincidentally, Wednesday 1st Feb is also another London trip for me. My best friend has already mentioned we should have a post-work Prosecco to celebrate Dry Jan.

It sounds nice, relaxing and sociable…but I can’t help thinking what it would be like if this was how it was, a life without drink forever.







2 thoughts on “31 days…

  1. I had to be done. Done trying to figure out how to successfully drink. Done with trying to manipulate the situation, and DEFINITELY done with thinking about not drinking for the rest of my life. I was only 22 when I quit. I also remembered that I could have my misery back anytime I wanted it, all I had to do was have a drink. Or 20.

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  2. I admire your dedication & perseverance. My hassle is that I like the taste and specialness of a glass. If I had a replacement non-alcoholic, non-sugary, not fizzy drink I’d be stoked. if it came in a variety of flavours, colours and textures, I’d be in heaven!

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