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It's a booze-free January for me. The Christmas overload of red wine, prosecco and the odd sherry has left me toxic. It also makes the first week without alcohol fairly easy and straight forward. I don't want it. It's like... Continue Reading →


Midweek miles & lessons to learn

Cycling during the week is a rare but happy occasion. This week we've had family over including our lovely cousin Amber, a fellow blogger. Although she doesn't blog about life on two wheels she is a huge supporter of me getting... Continue Reading →

Lunch | Soup

January is the perfect month to get the freezer stocked up with home made soups. Cold days with a bubbling cauldron of sweet-smelling broth on the go; it's the perfect way to get a load of veggies and fill up your tummy.... Continue Reading →


I am working on remembering to take my vitamins. First thing I try to do when I arrive bleary eyed in the kitchen is pour a glass of water (half boiled water half cold from the tap) then I down... Continue Reading →


This week can be summed up by one word: change. My 11-month-old boy started to crawl, which is a both a milestone and a game changer. He is on the move; he’s attacking the baubles on the Christmas tree; he... Continue Reading →

Friday thoughts

The hard sell has begun on the pre-Christmas diet. If you aren't on some programme to get into that little black dress then you have truly given up; you might as well crack open the mince pies and ladle on... Continue Reading →


Breakfast is the meal I struggle with the most and there a few reasons why: 1. When the family all eat breakfast I am too busy sorting them out to sit and eat. 2. I cannot always face food early... Continue Reading →


Pressure: another ‘P’ word and one to put on the list to avoid. (I think there could be a theme here). Today I thought to myself, there are four weeks to Christmas and ‘oh no, I need to lose a... Continue Reading →

You are what you eat…

Today is going well (it's only 3.37pm). I had protein rich and low carb scrambled eggs and smoked salmon for breakfast, cashew nuts for a snack and I am thinking about getting round to lunch (albeit late) of homemade mushroom soup.... Continue Reading →

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