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31 days…

There are 31 days in January; 31 alcohol-free days. Not that I'm thinking about it much ūüėČ I've done Dry Jan before, but not for a few years. So here are my thoughts as it draws to its merry close.... Continue Reading →


Keep reading…

My habit is to start a book and read for 15 mins in bed before I fall asleep. The downside being I never get any further than chapter one which I keep re reading because I can't remember what happened. I'd like this habit to change.


It's a booze-free January for me. The Christmas overload of red wine, prosecco and the odd sherry has left me toxic. It also makes the first week without alcohol fairly easy and straight forward. I don't want it. It's like... Continue Reading →

New Year promises…

So hello 2017, goodbye 2016. I've been thinking of my resolutions for 2017 - or as I'd rather call them 'Promises'. There's something about the word 'Resolution' that is so 'Resolute' to me. A quick dictionary search comes up with,... Continue Reading →

Cycling in the sun…

At the end of October we went to Mallorca on holiday: nine days of sunshine, no shivers, no dark nights and the temperature hardly dropped to¬†single figures. Bliss. The sunshine was nectar for my skin, and as I‚Äôm a factor... Continue Reading →

Spin tracks…

Holiday has meant time away from spinning. Bike rides down quiet, car-free, country¬†roads in Wales seem a million miles away from the darkened room, disco lights and¬†pumping¬†music of Prospin. But as I cycle along these peaceful lanes I've been coming... Continue Reading →

Time off…time to refocus

It's been two weeks since my last post. I've been lying low. Half term has been here, weather crummy, been swimming once and as for running and cycling - zero. Resting, yes, but I'm feeling twitchy. I need a new... Continue Reading →

New Year

Welcome 2015, I'm glad you are here. I'm not a 'resolutions' kind of person; setting things in stone is too 'all or nothing' for me, but I like to plan things I would like to achieve during¬†the year. I have... Continue Reading →

Let it rain

Yesterday¬†the conversation after school with my four¬†year old went along these lines: "Did you have a good day at school today?" ¬†"Yes." "Did you do PE today?" "No, it was raining". Disappointing, in so many ways. Maybe the teachers think... Continue Reading →

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