becoming a cyclist



The Running Bear…

I went shopping on Monday to an amazing little place in Alderley Edge called Running Bear. They are a specialised running shop (as the name would suggest). For ages I've needed a new pair of trainers - I bought the... Continue Reading →


Sunday brick…

I was supposed to do my first brick of my training plan yesterday, but the day disappeared with Saturday madness (swimming lessons, kids party and curry with friends!) So I did it today instead. On the plan was 10 miles... Continue Reading →

Rain and running…

In typical British bank holiday style, it rained and rained and rained on Monday. I took the kids out to the shops, then for a walk; and little girl went on her bike. We got home and I mulled over... Continue Reading →

becoming a runner…

I am becoming a cyclist but I have also started running to get triathlon-fit. I haven't run in any great way since 2011 when I completed a Race for Life 10 km. That's probably the furthest I'd ever do because,... Continue Reading →

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